Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

The minimum order is £6, the equivalent of a small veg box.

Do you deliver outside of East Bristol?

We deliver to the following postcode areas BS1, BS2, BS4, BS5, BS7, BS15, BS16. As we are only a small team, we sadly can not deliver further at the moment.

Is there a maximum order?

Due to the current climate we ask that you shop responsibly but we are not capping it at the moment

Can you bring it up to my flat, we have no lift?

Yes, absolutely! We can enter the building but we will not be able to enter your property. Please inform us when placing the order if there are special requirments to do with delivery.

What happens if I am out when you deliver?

We will leave it in a safe place outside your front door.

I am a key worker, can you deliver to my work place?

If you are a key worker please let us know when placing the order, and we can discuss delivering to your home address at a time that suit you.

If I don't want a box, can I just order Add-on products?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell individual items of fruit and veg at the moment. We are buying fresh produce from our various suppliers every day and in order to reduce waste and to be able to keep the cost affordable for everybody, we rely a certain volume of produce in each box in order to help as many people as possible.

Do you offer a discount for NHS Staff?

Yes! We are working on a way to incorporate this option into the check out process. In the meantime, if you are working for the NHS and would like to place an order, please get in touch via email, phone or the contact form on our website. Phone (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm): 07310 137 842 Email: orders@landgirls-groceries.co.uk

What happens to the produce you don't sell?

Any wonky veg and left over bits that are still good to eat, we donate to the National Food Service, a community project aimed to tackle food poverty. You can find more information about their amazing work on their website. https://www.nationalfoodservice.uk/

What kind of packaging do you use?

To transport our fruit and veg to your home, we use either compostable cardboard boxes or recycled produce boxes to keep waste to a minimum. Most produce we buy comes loose in cardboard trays, though some items (usually salads) are wrapped in additional plastic.

Where does your produce come from?

Our bread, milk and eggs comes from farms and bakeries in Bristol and Somerset. We source our fruit and veggies from the local wholesale market. As we are quite early in the growing season, most of our products are imported. As the season progresses, we will be able to offer more home-grown produce. We currently have British potatoes, carrots and onions. Please send us a message if you’d like to find out where a particular item comes from.

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